ACC are providing a subsidy offer of $180 per CPD with a maximum of two CPD purchases per business (including self-employed).

*Contribution maximums exclude GST

Types of CPDs that ACC can help to pay for.

There are two CPDs currently on the market that WorkSafe recommends and are eligible for the subsidy, the LifeGuard and Quadbar.

These CPDs have been well tested and are designed to withstand the forces of a quad rollover, to the extent that the operator has a greater probability of escaping serious harm from crushing, and can do so with limited effect on the operation of the vehicle itself.

If WorkSafe changes their recommendations to include new CPDs in the future, we will update the list of eligible CPDs

How to Apply

To apply for the workplace injury prevention subsidy, you must be self-employed or own a small to medium business (0-99 employees) in the following sub-sectors:

  • Sheep and beef cattle farming (CU code 1230)

  • Sheep farming (CU code 1240)

  • Beef cattle farming (CU code 1250)

  • Dairy cattle farming (CU code 1300)

  • Livestock farming (not elsewhere classified) (CU code 1590)

  • Hunting and trapping (CU code 2200)

Note: ACC determines the sub-sector a business belongs to through their CU code used for levy invoicing purposes.

To apply, download and complete the application form, then email it to

ACC8052 Application for injury prevention subsidy (PDF 88 KB)