Chris Hanley

I rolled my bike after hitting a roll of netting in long grass.  The bike fell on its side, with the Quadbar holding it up.  I got off, righted it and carried on, no damage to me or the bike.  My occupation is in the building industry which has been one of the industries most impacted by Health and Safety changes.  I find it odd that even though I have had several potentially dangerous accidents on my quad, it is still not a requirement to fit roll over protection.  I say, fit Quadbars to every quad and share the cost of health and safety fairly amongst all industries including farming

Alastair Cocks

Our worker drove through closed gates, across a farm track, at 50-60KPH with a trailer on behind.  The bike and trailer overturned.  It looks like he fell off when the bar was holding the bike aloft.  He was off work for two months with a cracked pelvis and torn ligaments, but without the Quadbar, it could have been a lot worse.

We know that the vast majority of deaths are caused by entrapment.  Only a good roll bar that can hold the bike up and provide a safety zone for the rider to escape can fix that.  With a strong roll bar, many potential accidents become incidents and are never reported.  The rider goes a bit far, the bike falls on its side and the bar prevents it rolling any further.  I make these comments with the experience of 25 years of almost daily use of roll bars on quadbikes.  We initially made our own and then used manufactured ones.  Until the accident described, we had no serious injuries.  The roll bars have worked every time.  No one has ever been injured by one.  We have been part of Dave Moore’s study for his thesis on ATV safety and accidents

Simon Buckley

In my position of manager of a large sheep and beef property, we operate 5 quads and 8 staff.  We have had in excess of 30 rollovers in my time here and since fitting rollover protection have had no injuries from roll overs.  Prior to fitting, we had a number of injuries, some of which were serious.  Well designed and fitted roll over protection DEFINITELY save people.  I can’t understand why they are not recommended or why more people don’t fit them.  Ring me for more info